Renovation & History
of 1941 Volkswagen Beetle

A story about a great quest to renovate and uncover the history of the 1941 KdF (VW) Beetle chassis number 20. A story about searching in the archives of our turbulent modern history.

You will learn about every important detail of the car’s reconstruction from searching in the archives of post-war Czechoslovakia, through the in detail reconstruction process, to the first ride of this gem.

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The Idea

Since Volkswagen Beetles first entered mass-production in 1941, it was evident to everyone involved in this project from the beginning of the reconstruction, that rebuilding a 1941 KdF Type 60L would be very complicated.

There is almost no visual material from the first year of production and not even blueprints, unlike cars from the prototype series. There are many photographs of pre-production cars as well as blueprints.

Early on in the reconstruction process the idea was born to document the entire demanding process of searching and reconstructing, and to record all the information in the form of a book. A book, a record in time, which will preserve all of the challenging work, not only for me, but also for future enthusiasts of these beautiful cars.

In the book we documented everything from the moment we discovered that it was a car with a numbered body. We were so excited to discover that numbers 1—19 didn’t exist or were not yet known about and were waiting to be rediscovered. The book will take the reader to the archives of post-war Czechoslovakia while searching for the history of the car and especially for its first owner, the Berlin operetta composer, Paul Lincke.

The reconstruction process will be shown completely openly, including both the parts which were successful and those which had to be redone for the reconstruction to be as faithful as possible to the period in which the car was manufactured.

Ondřej Brom

VW Collector

Ondřej Brom jr.

Designer of a book

„A story about a great quest to renovate and uncover the history of the 1941 KdF (VW) Beetle chassis number 20. A story about searching.“


In this section we would like to publish interviews with people who were involved in the reconstruction of the car. We are honestly very happy to do this because these people are not just craftsmen but almost artists creating a technical work of art.

Fist we would like to introduce Mr Jacek Krajewski, the owner of the Polish WW2VW workshop where the entire reconstruction took place. Jacek was actually the catalyst for finding Paul Lincke’s car and at the same time became a partner for the whole reconstruction.

The second person is Tomek Sobkowiak from Vintage Volkswagen Service in Poznan, Poland. Tomek contributed to the reconstruction of the car with all the electrical equipment and cabling.

Jacek Czechomski, an employee of WW2VW, is the third intreviewee. Jacek literally put the car on its wheels.

Last but not least are Kamil Groskrejc a Maciej Markiewicz who took care of the excellent painting of the car.

Jacek Krajewski

Owner of the Polish WW2VW workshop

Tomek Sobkowiak

VW Restaurators

Kamil Groskrejc and Maciej Markiewicz

VW Restaurators

Christian Grundmann

VW Collector

Richard Hausmann

VW Collector

„This is one of the largest books about VW Beetle ever published.“

About the book

The reconstruction of the car was done with big attention to detail. The same attention was also with the design and producing of the book. The book in large format was printed on high-quality paper with perfect offset printing (high-quality printing) and it was bound in hardcover with black canvas with silver embossing.

The same lavish attention that we paid to the reconstruction of Paul Lincke’s car was also naturally paid to the contents, look and feel of this book. The book is large size with over 350 pages where you can find, in addition to text, more than 250 professional studio photographs. We will also publish scans from the archives documenting the history of the car for the first time in the history.




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