Claim processing

The buyer is obligated to submit their claim to the seller, or a person designated for the repair without undue delay upon discovering the deficit. If they do this in writing or in electronic format, they should also submit their contact information, a description of the defect, and a request for the method of processing the claim. The buyer is obligated to inform the seller which entitlement they chose when reporting the defect, or without undue delay after reporting the defect. If the buyer does not choose their entitlement for a significant breach of the contract in a timely manner, they have the same entitlement as for an insignificant breach of the contract. The buyer is obligated to provide proof of purchase (ideally with a purchase receipt). The claim processing period begins the moment of exercising (report) of the claim. The buyer shall submit or deliver the merchandise to the seller to their address together or immediately following the exercise of their claim. The merchandise should be packaged for transport in appropriate packaging so that it is not damaged and should be clean and complete. The seller is obligated to immediately—within five business days at the latest—make a decision on the claim or determine that expert evaluation is necessary for making a decision. They shall inform the buyer of the necessity of expert evaluation during this period. Claims, including the exchange of items, shall be processed by the seller without undue delay, no later than 14 days from their submission, provided that the seller does not agree to a longer period with the buyer in writing. After this period has expired, the buyer has the same rights as for a significant breach of the contract. If the seller denies an exchange of the item, the buyer may request a proportionate discount from the price or may withdraw from the contract. The warranty period is extended by the period beginning with the submission of the claim and ending with its completion, or until the time at which the buyer was obligated to pick up their item. If the merchandise or parts thereof is exchanged, the seller’s responsibility applies as it would for the purchase of a new item or its part. If it is not possible to monitor the processing of the claim online, the seller agrees to inform the buyer of the completion of the claims process upon their request via e-mail or a text message. In cases of a legitimate claim, the buyer is entitled to a reimbursement of the expenses actually incurred.

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