Legal rights from defects

Legal rights from defects The seller is responsible for defects arising after receipt of the merchandise for a 24-month warranty period or for the period of use stated in the advertisement, on the product packaging, or in the included manual. The buyer may submit a claim during this period and, upon request, may ask—in the event of a defect that signifies a significant breach of the contract (regardless of whether the defect can or cannot be eliminated)—for:

Also of significance is a breach of the contract of which the party in breach of the contract was aware, or should have been aware that the other party would not have concluded the contract had they anticipated such a breach. For defects that signify insignificant breaches of the contract (regardless of whether the defect can or cannot be eliminated), the buyer is entitled to a proportionate discount from the purchase price or other compensation that the buyer and seller negotiate (substitute). If an eliminable defect occurs repeatedly after repairs (a third claim for the same defect or a fourth for different defects) or the merchandise has a greater number of defects (at least three concurrent defects), the buyer may exercise their right for a discount from the purchase price, an exchange of the merchandise, or a withdrawal from the contract. The seller is not responsible for defects resulting from regular wear or from not following the instruction manual.

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